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We all like to think that we’ll age gracefully, but the appearance of lines and wrinkles, loss of facial volume and tear troughs under the eyes can affect some people’s confidence – encouraging them to look for advice and proven ways to reverse some of these ageing effects. Many of these visible signs of ageing skin can be significantly improved, in skilled hands – and various products and procedures can play a big part in helping to deal with specific lines and wrinkles, and establish more youthful facial contours.

Price list for Filler treatments R73 per unit

Glabellar (Frown lines) 19-25 (average number of units) R1380-R1825 (Estimated amount)

Forehead 6-10 (average number of units) R430 – R730 (estimated amount) Crows Feet 18 – 24 (average number of units) R1310-R1750 (estimated amount)

Other eg Lip lines and neck 4 -10 (average number of units) R290-R730 (estimated amount)

Pricelist for dermal fillers (Juvederm)

Cheeks-loss of volume and shape R3000 (Voluma)
Marionette lines R2600 (Volift)
Other soft tissue lines such as nasolabial folds R2600 (Volift)
Lips R2300 (Volbella)
Skin Quality/Hydration/Elasticity R2300 (Volite

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Family Integrative Medical Centre combines the best of complementary and alternative therapies with conventional or functional medicine to provide guidance in healthy living, illness prevention, and optimal healing for the whole family.


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