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Exhaustion, Low Energy and Fatigue

Adrenal Exhaustion

Do you feel tired, worn out or just plain zapped? It could be that your batteries need recharging. What do adrenal glands do anyway you may ask? The adrenal glands are in simple terms considered to be like two little batteries that sit on the top of your Kidneys that are made up of two parts, the Cortex and Medulla.

Cortex; the cortex helps to maintain body balance, regulates sugar and carbohydrate metabolism, and produces sex hormones.
The Medulla’s job is to produce epinephrine “also known as adrenaline” and norepinephrine to speed up the metabolism that assists the body in coping with stress.

When you are under stress, the adrenal glands increase your metabolism to ward off the negative effects.

It is extremely important to keep your “Batteries” charged, adrenal function is weakened by the amount of caffeine and sugar consumed, and of course vitamin deficiencies, long term corticosteroid use, and last but not least stress!


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