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Weight Gain, Particularly Around The Stomach And Midsection Area

Reasons why you might be gaining weight in your stomach

If you are gaining weight in your stomach, it could be related to your diet or it could be a result of a new medication or other health issues. At the family Integrative Medical Centre, we look at the root cause of your weight gain and find a weight loss strategy that will be successful for you. For Successful weight loss we look at the following Pillars:

  1. Stress can be a cause of weight gain. When you stress, you release cortisol which is a fight or flight hormone. Cortisol enables the body to mobilize fat and energy from other areas and direct them to the abdomen, where cortisol can make energy readily available for vital organs. Therefore, repeated excess circulating cortisol could lead to increased abdominal fat storage.
  2. Restoring Insulin Sensitivity, Excess sugar quickly leads to fat gain. When our cortisol levels are elevated, we tend to crave sugar because our body wants quick energy.
  3. Protein is important. If your diet is lacking adequate levels of quality protein, you may your weight increase in your stomach.
  4. Hormones can control weight. When women go through menopause you will find they carry most of their weight in their mid-section as well as their thighs and hips. A drop in estrogen, coupled with your metabolism naturally slowing as you age can cause weight gain.
  5. Restoring brain serotonin as this may suppress hunger signals, Certain medication can also cause weight gain in your stomach area. Including antidepressants, blood pressure reducing drugs, and drugs for epilepsy or diabetes.
  6. Eat to live a long healthy life, Processed foods can lead to inflammation.
  7. Restoring Physical Activity and Energy expenditure rate.
  8. Control Carbohydrate absorption.

Products that help with weight loss:

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