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At the Family Integrative Medical Centre we focus on treating our patients from the inside out.

Your skin is the window that reveals the stories of your life. From Acne in your teenage years, glowing skin during your pregnancy to aging skin as we get older. It is important for us to look after our skin as it is the largest organ. Hormones, Genetics, unprotected sun exposure, stress, unhealthy diets, dehydration, and a lack of sleep can all have impact on our skin.

At the family Integrative Medical Centre we use a few different Peels that have helped our patients.

DMK specializes in customizing paramedical treatments to encourage optimum results. DMK imitates nature for natural results. REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT AND MAINTAIN. We also offer the DMK Enzyme therapy.

The Enzyme Therapy is the treatment that gets results. Enzyme Therapy is DMK world renowned signature skin revision treatment designed to rapidly restore health and natural functioning of your skin enabling it to perform just as it did when it was younger. How Enzyme therapy helps you look younger:

  • It firms and tones.
  • Provides an instant, natural lift.
  • Reduces the appearances of fine lines.
  • Smoothes out scars and rough skin.

Another effective Peel we use is Neostrata. Neostrata is a highly effective, superficial peeling system administered by a medical skincare professional. Prosystem offers a range of peel options including peels intended for specific skincare concerns enabling the physician to safely design a treatment plan around your skincare needs.

These Superficial peels are considered “Lunch Time peels “as there is no down time.

Treatments we offer help with:

  • Aging
  • Acne
  • Pigmentation
  • Facial hair and ingrowing hair.

Book your consultation now: complete form below or email us at info@fimc.co.za


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Contact Info

RandPark: 116 Kayburne Avenue Randpark Ext 3, Randburg  
Houghton: 65 Central Street, Houghton, Gauteng
Call us: 011 027 1600 | Romy: 0794944553

Family Integrative Medical Centre combines the best of complementary and alternative therapies with conventional or functional medicine to provide guidance in healthy living, illness prevention, and optimal healing for the whole family.


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