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PQQ Revitalizes Brain Energy (BioMax PQQ with CoQ10®)

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone “PQQ” has after mounting clinical research and now rea-world results, become a must-have nutrient for those wanting to optimize mitochondrial health, mental cognition and shield against cellular aging.

Scientists have documented that PQQ helps grow new mitochondria in aging cells. This is important because over time, cell energy diminishes as mitochondria weaken and die. The result is accelerated aging throughout the body.

Useful properties of BioMax PQQ with CoQ10®

We focus on the root cause of each patient, individualizing treatment for each person. Recognizing the holistic and unique nature of our patients, we look at lifestyle, nutrition, stress levels, and etc. Our priority is to support our patients and their health using the most natural and least invasive treatment where possible. Integrative medicine is grounded in the philosophy that prevention is the primary responsibility of medicine and that healing is possible even when curing is not. We look at combining the best and most effect therapies from conventional and alternative approaches. Once correcting the deficiencies and dysfunctions in the body, the bodies own innate healing processes deal with the 'disease'. The goal of anti-aging medicine is not just to extend your life span but to lengthen your healthy functional life span. We also use bio-identical hormones. From the age of 30 our hormones start to decline. If not age, things like excessive stress, smoking excessive exercise, abuse of substances and pollution can also cause our hormones to decline and cause an imbalance. Bio-identical hormones do not interfere with our own body hormones are they are identical to our hormones. They are extracted from a natural source such as soya bean and yam. Bio-identical hormones are a powerful treatment when it comes to anti-aging. It also restores vitality and longevity in patients. We at the family integrative medical centre want to help you experience a state of exceptional wellness and maintain a youthful, healthier state as you get older.
Dr Pascale Henquin
Company Owner

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Family Integrative Medical Centre combines the best of complementary and alternative therapies with conventional or functional medicine to provide guidance in healthy living, illness prevention, and optimal healing for the whole family.


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